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Serving the Construction industry for 20 years, we connect employers to the people, skills and talent they need, while providing short-term and permanent roles for those looking for a new opportunity


​the know-how you need

Working up and down the country to offer simple and swift recruitment solutions, we’re so good at finding the right contractor for the job, that we now provide a consistent and reliable service from multiple office locations.

Ours is a privately-owned company, backed by the resources of the Thorn Baker Group. You can put your trust in us thanks to 20 years' worth of experience in:

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Where We Operate

Operating from five locations across the UK provides the perfect infrastructure to allow us to serve candidates and companies up and down the country.

Visiting you on-site and finding out more about how we can help is what makes us tick. Only by discovering the ins and outs of how you do business can we find the right people for your project – and in doing so, we enhance our know-how of working environments in the construction industry.

We’re here to help you solve your unique challenges, so allow us to step in and alleviate some pressure. Clients regularly use our offices for interviews, whilst candidates don't have to travel too far to meet their industry recruitment specialist. Here’s where you'll find our offices.

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our story
since 1988

  • So, why choose us? Our clients and candidates rely on us to make their lives easier – and we’re proud to say we consistently do just that! A trusted recruitment partner across the construction industry, we put our knowledge and experience into practice across a host of temporary, contract and permanent roles.

    When it comes to finding your next job – or the latest asset to your team – we’re as passionate as you are. With all the know-how you need, Thorn Baker Construction makes things happen. It’s that simple.

  • ​You can be sure that our core values will perfectly complement your business, too. We’re ‘people-driven’, ‘solution-focused’, and ‘positive-minded’ – and it’s thanks to these values that we’ve matched hundreds of thousands of people and employers. With a turnover of £25m, £15m of which can be attributed to Thorn Baker Construction, we’re a company that continues to thrive. Is that enough to convince you that we know what we’re doing when it comes to your next big opportunity? We’d like to think so.

MEET your

construction team

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    Andrew Jordan, Branch Manager

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    Andy Marr, Tender & Bid Manager

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    Jack Parfitt, Managing Consultant

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    James Warder, Recruitment Consultant

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    Jamie Risdale, Business Manager

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    Jason MacCuish, Recruitment Consultant

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    Katie Smith , Labour Manager

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    Khial Farrow, Recruitment Consultant

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    Liam O'Sullivan, Labour Manager

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    Mark Webb, Business Manager

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    Michael Wright, Principal Consultant

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    Michelle Smith, Client Relationship Manager

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    Paul Stirk, Principal Consultant

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    Richard O'Reilly, Recruitment Consultant

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    Rupert Drage, Recruitment Consultant

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    Ryan Burns, Recruitment Consultant

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    Simon Jones, Branch Manager

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    Simon Mitchell, Recruitment Consultant

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    Rob Ford, Regional Director

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    Sid Choudhury, Recruitment Consultant

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    Stefan Fernandez, Recruitment Consultant

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    Lee Walker, Branch Administrator

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    Alex McAndrew, Labour Manager

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    Sarah Ferrari Wallace, Recruitment Consultant

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    David Birch, Recruitment Consultant