How to Make Sure You Recruit the Very Best Construction Staff for Your Projects before Peak


How to Make Sure You Recruit the Very Best Construction Staff for Your Projects before Peak

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Construction, Commercial and Project Managers are you struggling to hire the very best Site Managers, Technical staff or Trades to ensure your programme of works keeps on schedule and to budget ahead of the peak season? This blog provides helpful steps on hiring ahead of the traditional busy season combined with our top tips on avoiding bottlenecks with difficult to fill roles.

Winter can be a time when some Construction companies ‘shut up shop’ when it comes to making both temporary and permanent hiring decisions. This can be due to workload changes, budget pressures or simply that there are fewer days on site because of the weather and Christmas. However, it can be overlooked that this is a great time to hire the very best Site Managers and Tradesmen.

You’ve heard the saying New Year, New Job we see exactly that with a lot of candidates and in over the years we have seen some of the best Surveyors, Tradesman and Site Management look for a move in January. In a fair few cases these candidates were not available in the busier months from March to October due to the candidate’s workload and commitments.  

With many contractor workloads slowing down in the run-up to Christmas it gives them chance to reflect on the year and look forward to any changes that would like to make to make 2019 better than the previous year.


Thorn Baker Constructions Technical Manager Jamie RisdaleThorn Baker Construction's Technical Manager, Jamie Risdale, has some top tips for how you can make the most of this time of year: 'I’m working with companies in order to avoid the inevitable New Year bottleneck of hiring the very best talent in a skills-short market. My team and I are having some real wins with key clients by working closely with them to buck the trend on hiring permanent staff and turning this on its head to their advantage. By interviewing and offering now we are finding some traditionally hard to fill roles are becoming fillable.'


Hiring the Best Construction Staff Ahead of the Peak Season

1. Most companies are waiting until January to start recruiting despite having needs. Hiring now means a less competitive market, greater choice and you will avoid salary wars.

2. Tie up your candidate now and they can see out their notice period over December, or even better start them prior to Christmas to limit mind changing and counteroffers.

3. Starting someone prior to Christmas allows you to onboard them during a traditionally quieter period ready for the New Year and enables them to go to the Christmas party and feel a part of the business.

4. January is often manic and if you wait to start the process realistically with notice periods you are looking at March before you will have someone in the business

If you’re looking to take advantage of the time of year and secure the very best Construction staff for your site call me today on 0117 2033 444 or by email As specialist Construction recruiters, we know exactly who to contact – and when – to ensure your requirements are met smoothly and swiftly. 

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