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How We're Supporting Our Clients and Candidates during COVID-19

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Rob Ford, Head of Thorn Baker ConstructionFollowing up from our blog last week The Top 3 Ways Construction Companies Want to Be Supported during COVID-19 I’d like to share with you some practical examples of how they can be applied to ‘real-life’ construction. What it means to us as a team, our clients, and our candidates.

Rob Ford, Head of Thorn Baker Construction

Since we shared our survey findings last week I’ve spoken with even more of our clients to get their opinions on our new normal and how we can support them. It’s great, it’s exactly the kind of feedback and relationship we strive for.

What’s also been interesting is hearing the examples from the team about how they’re already supporting their clients and candidates. I’ve had a lot of feedback over the past week and I thought I’d share some of my favourite examples with you.

Supporting Our Candidates with the Furlough Scheme

The scheme has allowed our candidates to remain secure in their jobs. Money worries can be the worst kind. Using furlough has allowed our workers to feel secure, and happy to know that as soon as businesses start to increase their productivity levels that their job is there waiting for them.

What more could we ask for right now?

Some stats I’d like to share regarding what furlough has meant for our clients and candidates are:

  • 197 temporary workers have been furloughed
  • Nearly £50,000 being paid per week by either ourselves or our partnered payroll providers
  • This is supporting 132 different clients
  • All of our staff have been trained on how to handle questions from our candidates and clients and give advice
  • All of our candidates are receiving excellent communication throughout

The Power of a Specialist Recruiters Network…

At the start of lockdown (and probably a bit beforehand), there was a fair amount of panic buying – being able to source hand santiser seemed like an impossible task. Some companies worked on alternative ways to produce and supply. Rhian saw some of these techniques being used, and by sharing this information with her manufacturing connections she was able to put her construction clients in touch with the manufacturers directly.

Rhian’s extensive network has helped several of her clients to find many items that they had been struggling to source directly themselves, these have included a specialist type of plasterboard as well as masks for PPE.

A well-connected recruiter can be a huge asset to your business, not only when you need the very best staff but for when you need solution-focused action to help solve your issues.

Relationship building isn’t always about sales. Helping people and supporting businesses within your network and industry at a time like this the key to everyone making it through to the other side.

​The Other Side of the Recruitment Coin…

As a business, our passion is to find the best workers for our clients and the best jobs for our candidates. But whilst it may seem simple, it’s worth remembering that whilst in one call we might be telling you about a fantastic Joiner that we’re working with, we’re also here for you should things go wrong.

An update I received this week was about a client who had been working for a single business for 15 years and unfortunately due to the current coronavirus situation had been made redundant. Not only is this devastating news when you really enjoy your job, but the added financial pressures and/or stress can absolutely take their toll.

This particular client did not have a CV - when you’ve been a job role for a long time updating your CV can be the very last thing on your mind. So, facing the daunting task of creating an up-to-date version that covered all of their experience, this particular client happened to be discussing this with a member of my team. I’m proud to say that my team member took the time to go through all of their experience, created a CV for them, and with a little back and forth discussion they reached an end result that their client was thrilled with.

This isn’t a standard service offered, simply something that my team member felt compelled to do. I’m not sure if you could find a better example of someone being people-driven.

Those are just three great examples I’ve heard this past week and wanted to share. Other great examples include;

  • Taking PPE out to sites
  • Collating COVID-19 policies for all of the sites we’re supplying, so all workers are fully informed and updated. This takes some pressure away from our clients
  • Being a sounding board for our clients and candidates
  • Continuous training and development for both our retained and furloughed staff

I'd like to reiterate my closing message from last week: our goal is to support you when you need it most. Are you a candidate who's not sure how furlough could work for you and you need help? Are you facing redundancy? We’re here to support you.

The service we provide is built upon our core values: Solution-focused, Positive-minded, and People-driven. Each week I’m seeing these values shine throughout my team – if you need help contact us.