Thorn Baker Group Candidate Appreciation Month


Shining a Spotlight on Our Workers

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Rob Ford

During May we will be shining a spotlight on the fantastic work that our candidates do. Our workers are essential to our business and we’d like to share some of their achievements, success stories and the rewards that they deserve!

Rob Ford, Thorn Baker Construction Director

Our candidates are at the core of what we do and during May we’ll be looking at the great work they’re doing, the people who have found permanent work through us and speaking with them about all the rewards and incentives on offer!

Construction MVP

We pride ourselves on understanding what our candidates want and need when they’re looking for a new role. From working environments to locations, the team leave no stone unturned in providing the best experience they can.

But what happens after they’ve started working?

Over the month of May, we’ll be sharing some of their feedback, our teams will be sharing their own messages of thanks and we'll highlight some of the great rewards and incentives we off our workers across the Group.

  • People who have gone onto permanent work through us.

  • Construction candidate reward scheme MVP, who’s already reaping the benefits?

  • Candidate of the month

  • Weekly full attendance reward draws

  • Loyalty bonus

  • Refer a friend

Refer a friend is a big one for us. If our candidates would recommend us to their friends and family, we've done our job well. I’m delighted to say that from our annual candidate survey 96% of our candidates would recommend us. It's a really satisfying number. Who could ask for more?

In addition, we’ll be running a survey with our clients to dive a little deeper into what businesses offer their workers as incentives during this highly competitive market. We will also be asking our candidates what exactly attracts them to a job, what would persuade them into changing jobs and the all-important question – is pay the most important factor when choosing a job?

We will share the results with you when they’re in!

May is set to be an exciting month, we’re all looking forward to focusing on our candidates, sharing the great work they do and passing on our thanks. We hope you enjoy the month too! If you'd like to learn more about our candidate rewards and incentives contact your local team today.