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Rob Ford

Construction and Group Director

My recruitment background is quite rare. I've only worked for one company, in one industry and with mostly the same team - and I love it. 

Back in my 20’s when I started I didn't really know what recruitment and construction were all about. My one focus then (and it still is now in my 40’s) is delivering on what I say without compromising on service. Going home at the weekend knowing we've done a great job for our clients and candidates is and always will be one of the biggest rewards I get from my career in recruitment at whatever level I have sat.

People development is a huge passion that I share with my leadership team and I am a big believer that if you look after & develop your staff and help them reach their potential then results will follow.

I get a massive buzz when we bring new staff into the teams and love seeing them grow into their role and start their journeys, just like I did many years ago.

I run the construction brand with all branches reporting directly to me - Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Essex and Nottingham. I'm very proud of what my teams deliver every day and I thoroughly enjoy every minute I spend in each office. 

Outside of work, family is everything. I am married with two kids and have a passion for Rugby - I'm a keen supporter of Gloucester Rugby which, much like recruitment, has it's up’s and downs.

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