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the know-how you need

We want to make it easy for you to successfully make the most of every hour spent on your project, put simply, downtime can be detrimental to your business.

So, allow us to ensure your day – and your week – runs smoother.

Whether you need a forklift driver to ensure your dedicated team of bricklayers isn’t short of bricks and mortar, or you require an IPAF operator to help shift a delivery of plasterboard to a block of flats, we can find the right people.

Of course, health and safety are paramount, which is why every worker we supply has a relevant CPCS card, the vast majority of our candidates have previously worked with us on numerous assignments before.

We never select on qualification alone though; attitude, reliability and experience are just as important when it comes to completing your job to specification and ahead of time. Here are just some of the positions we’ll help you fill: Simply call your nearest Thorn Baker office to hire with ease

  • 180 and 360-degree Excavator Operator.               
  • Earth Moving Bulldozer Driver.
  • Dump Truck Driver.                                                         
  • Mobile and Crawler Cranes.
  • Hoist Operators.                                               
  • Mobile Elevated Platform Operator.
  • Rough Terrain Forklift Driver.                      
  • Ride on Roller Driver.

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meet your

plant operative team

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    Rob Ford, Construction and Group Director

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    Andy Marr, Key Account Manager

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    Simon Mitchell, Civil Engineering & Demolition Recruitment Consultant - South West

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    Alex McAndrew, Labour Manager - South West