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When the unexpected happens on-site – we realise your projects don’t always run smoothly, after all – we’re here to help.

Require some support on-site – and on a quick turnaround? That’s why we have locations nationwide, with specialists geared up to find experienced people who gain optimum job satisfaction from helping you progress your project.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the UK, or what you’re building, we can supplement your workforce with skilled and motivated people who’ll alleviate any pressure you may be experiencing.

We’ve supplied contractors for office blocks, schools, hotels, refurbishments, steel-framed warehouses, and supermarkets. And with several thousand workers deployed each year, there isn’t a role we haven’t filled in the construction sector.

Responding quickly to your company’s unique requirements, our consultants can do so because they understand your business inside-out. Many of them have worked on site before pursuing a career in recruitment, which is what ensures they’re the perfect people to support your project.

Our consultants here at Thorn Baker Construction won’t send a contractor on site who hasn’t been fully briefed, either – and we’ll always send the most experienced person for the job.

You’ll find that the workers we supply will be productive the moment they set foot on your site. Sound good? Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can find skilled workers in the following roles:

  • Labourer.
  • Groundworker. 
  • Plant Operative.               
  • Joiner.
  • Plasterer.                             
  • Dry Liner.                             
  • Painter.            
  • Kerb Layer.
  • Steel Fixer.                          
  • Bricklayer.                           
  • Foreman.                             
  • Fork lift Driver.

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    Rob Ford, Construction and Group Director

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    Jack Parfitt, Managing Consultant - Bristol

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    Andy Marr, Key Account Manager

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    Michelle Smith, Business Manager Professional - Leeds

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    Paul Stirk, Build Principal Consultant - North

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    Richard O'Reilly, Build Recruitment Consultant - South West

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    Ryan Burns, Principal Consultant - West Midlands

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    Simon Jones, Business Manager - Leeds

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    Alex McAndrew, Labour Manager - South West

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    Adam Turner, Build Recruitment Consultant - South Yorkshire

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    Demi Harman, Business Manager - Nottingham

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    Mathew Blood, Recruitment Consultant - Build East Midlands