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When project deadlines are looming, the stakes don’t get much higher. It’s why our team is ready and waiting to supply the people you need to fulfil high-quality fit-out work.

It’s our aim to ensure you hand over on time. We help fit-out businesses find what and who they’re looking for, without compromise. Ensuring maximum productivity for you and your staff, we’re accessible when you need us, too – just get in touch

Finding people for sites throughout the UK, offices in Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds and Nottingham means we’re well placed to find skilled people for your project – wherever you are. And when you’re ready to put your trust in us to support your subcontractors and your workforce, we’ll visit your site to learn more about how you operate.

Associate members of the NAS (National Association of Shopfitters) and the FIS (Federation of Interior Specialists), Thorn Baker Construction takes an active role in all aspects of your industry. Our aim is to remain in tune with the pressures and opportunities you face, and our specialist consultants will present you with only the best candidates for the job. Contributing to thousands of projects – from restaurants and bars, retail and offices, and high-end apartments and boardrooms – our know-how translates to the manpower you need to successfully bring your project to completion.

Whether you need to hire for today, tomorrow or next week, get in touch with our team today to support your project with the following types of workers.

  • Labourer.        
  • Carpenter.          
  • Ceiling Fixer.
  • Dry Liner.             
  • Electrician.
  • Plumber.
  • Painter.
  • Foreman.
  • Site Manager.    
  • Plasterer.             
  • Tiler.                      

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    Rob Ford, Construction and Group Director

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    Andy Marr, Key Account Manager

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    Jason MacCuish, Fit-out Recruitment Consultant

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    Michael Wright, Fit-out & Heritage Principal Consultant

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    Sid Choudhury, White Collar Fit-out Recruitment Consultant

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    Alex McAndrew, Labour Manager - South West

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    Demi Harman, Business Manager - Nottingham