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Our reputation speaks for itself, with fantastic turn-up rates and all the know-how our clients and candidates need to get the job done on time.

Leaders in housing recruitment, we work with a wealth of UK-based clients. Anyone from privately-owned firms to large PLCs chooses Thorn Baker Construction – and we can find the right talent across a host of roles, from entry-level to managerial.

It doesn’t matter which position in the housing and residential sector you’re hoping to fill, we’ll step in when you need some help. Get in touch with Thorn Baker’s dedicated team of consultants to find the people you need such as Labourers, Ground Workers, Plant Operatives, Joiners, Plasterers, Painters, Bricklayers and all the Site Management Staff you may need.

It’s our business to ensure your projects run smoothly, and we can supplement your workforce with skilled people who’ll alleviate any pressure you’re experiencing. Deploying several thousand workers each year, there isn’t a role we haven’t filled in the housing and residential sector. We’ll find people for sites throughout the UK, with offices in London, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham meaning we’re well placed to find skilled people for your project – wherever you are.

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    Rob Ford, Construction and Group Director

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    Katie Smith , Housing & Residential Recruitment Consultant - South West

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    Andy Marr, Key Account Manager

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    Alex McAndrew, Labour Manager - South West

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    Reece Thompson, Managing Consultant - Leeds