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Interested in working at Thorn Baker Construction? We’d love to hear from you! Read on to discover if we’re a great match for your skills and ambition.​​


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Rob Ford Thorn Baker Construction Regional DirectorJoin my team.

Rob Ford: Head of Thorn Baker Construction & Group Director, would like to tell you why working for Thorn Baker Construction is so great.

''Why not come to us – we can offer a great job that gives you the reward and recognition you deserve.

We understand the importance of looking after employees, and to ensure we practice what we preach, we offer exciting, fast-paced roles in a positive environment. If you’re ready to work alongside like-minded people while boosting your long-term career prospects, Thorn Baker Construction is for you.

Since 1988, we’ve supplied workers to businesses in Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham, Bristol, and Essex. If you’re ready for your next challenge, perhaps you can be instrumental in the next phase of our exciting growth.''

Thorn Baker Construction isn’t your typical recruitment agency. We don’t pretend to be a corporate family; what makes us stand out is the way in which we operate.

We apply our recruitment know-how to every project, which ensures we have a positive impact on everyone we work with. We’d like you to join our team, too, and we’re keen to help you build your career at a pace that best complements your abilities.

Helping you reach your potential via tailored training from people who have your best interests at heart, we offer a range of roles at a variety of levels.

For people who inject energy and enthusiasm into everything we do, ours is an office that offers all the support you require to reach and surpass your goals. If you feel you’re in tune with the way we work, we’d love to hear from you. 

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To discuss opportunities simply send your CV to or call Rob Ford on 07866 982 476

R2R Information - If you’d like to work with us please read our full R2R information page.

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What people say

  • At Thorn Baker Construction you're given all of the support and encouragement to deliver a great recruitment service, I have only worked for this company and can honestly say I have never been tempted to work elsewhere. The practices I learned 13 years ago have stood me in good stead ever since and I look forward to passing them on to new recruits in the coming years.

    Simon Jones, Business Manager,

  • I have been very fortunate to be able to relocate from the Thorn Baker Manchester office to the London office. I have also hit my yearly target for the 3rd year running!

    Sid Choudhury, Recruitment Consultant,

  • I'm most excited about the team being built and what the future will bring to the Birmingham office, having forward thinking can do hands-on staff keen to consult and offer solutions.

    Andrew Jordan, Recruitment Consultant,

Meet the Senior Construction Team

Thorn Baker

Values & Culture

If you feel your skills and attributes match ours, we can’t wait to hear from you.

We talk a lot about our company values – and it’s because they’re evident in everything we do. Work with us and you’ll discover we’re:

  • People-driven.
  • Solution-focused.
  • Positive-minded.

Our levels of staff engagement are offically outstanding – thanks to our Best Companies accreditation. It’s our aim to keep it that way, hiring like-minded people who work hard to make Thorn Baker’s construction division stronger still.

We don’t run on KPIs; we use scorecards, as we want you to know if you’re doing well on the things that really matter at work. It’s just another way we use our recruitment know-how for the greater good, rewarding you for helping improve the way we operate.

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Career Journey

Do you have a burning ambition to lead a team of like-minded recruiters? Or are you motivated more by building a great business and earning the cash rewards that come from it? Whatever your goals, we have a career path for you – plus all the support you’ll ever need to get there.

We want the best for our employees, and that means setting you on the path that is right for you. From day one, you’ll have a clear understanding of what you need to do to achieve your career aspirations, from what leadership qualities you need to show to make it as a managing consultant, to the financial targets and business wins expected of a principal. And that needn’t be the limit of your ambition – with the right effort and application; you can make it all the way to Director. 



  • Labour Manager

  • Recruitment Consultant

    • Managing Consultant

    • Principal Consultant

    • Business Manager

    • Business Development Manager

    • Location Manager

    • Key Account Manager

    • Director

    • Sales Director



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    An application via this site, or you'd like to explore informally, either way, we'd love to hear from you.

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    We'll be in touch promptly, and we'll chat, answer your questions and explore the opportunities.

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    You'll be meeting your potential manager for that meeting of minds. Usually at one of our offices.

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    A day or two of reflection, and if we're both happy we'll invite you to complete some psychometrics!

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    Are we right for you? Do you share our values? All this and much more as we move towards a decision.