Our Proven Process has been developed over the last 30 years. Below is a summary of how it works and how we can help your business.

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Thorn Baker Construction: THE KNOW-HOW YOU NEED

Operating from five locations across the UK provides the perfect infrastructure to allow us to serve candidates and companies up and down the country.

Visiting you on-site and finding out more about how we can help is what makes us tick. Only by discovering the ins and outs of how you do business can we find the right people for your project – and in doing so, we enhance our know-how of working environments in the construction industry.

We’re here to help you solve your unique challenges, so allow us to step in and alleviate some pressure. Clients regularly use our offices for interviews, whilst candidates don't have to travel too far to meet their industry recruitment specialist. 

our proven process

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client testimonials

  • We have dealt with the Leeds office for the last 14 years to supply us with our temporary requirements. We have found the quality of labour supplied to be of an excellent standard and extremely reliable; this has been backed by the efficiency and very high standard of support given by the administration team.

    JEM Shopfitting Ltd, Leeds

  • having worked with Thorn Baker for the last six years, I can confirm that they have supplied us with decent trades people. The staff are knowledgeable and match the right operative for the task required. I have found them to be proactive and positive in solving day to day problems and communicative at all times.

    Horbury Joinery Ltd, Leeds

  • I have worked with Thorn Baker for the last three years and they have supplied us with Labourers on several projects ad they have been reliable, good timekeepers and good workers.

    SCS Building Solutions Ltd, Leeds

  • Our company has used and continues to use Thorn Baker for the supply of temporary labour on many of our sites both locally and further afield. We have always found them to supply good quality labour, even at short notice, supported by a very high quality of service.

    J.P. Wild Ltd, Leeds

  • I have worked with Thorn Baker on a few projects and found them to be a good, reliable company to get your employees. If there is an issue where we have needed extra labour on site it's just a quick phone call and they've helped us out and with a quick response. I will be keeping in touch and hopefully, we can work together in the near future.

    Hobson & Porter, Leeds

  • We thoroughly recommend Thorn Baker Recruitment as a competent agency to secure decent quality staff. The team are always a pleasure to deal with and we’re comfortable that they have a good understanding of the type of candidate we’re looking for, both in terms of skill set and personality. We would have no hesitation in recommending Thorn Baker to other professional contractors or colleagues.

    Smith's (Gloucester) Ltd., Bristol

  • I have only recently started to use Thorn Baker after being let down by another recruitment agency, to date I have found the service to be efficient & reliable, all the requested operatives have arrived to site in a timely manner, on the correct date with appropriate PPE ready to commence works. Although we have only been working together for a couple of months, I would happily recommend Thorn Baker to others.

    Bray & Slaughter Ltd, Bristol

  • I like to give credit where it is due and I must say that the guy you sent over is proving to be a very capable operative, its only his third day and has already had praise from from the loading bay manager who does not even work for London drywall, he is hard working and comes across with a very positive and polite attitude. I’d just like to say thank you as I’m always sceptical when using agency labour as previous experiences have not been the best.

    London Drywall Ltd, London

  • We have worked with Thorn Baker for the last four years. As a company employing a large PAYE workforce it has helped supplement our labour and offers us more flexibility. We have found working closely with Thorn Baker has proved very successful. We have tried several agency companies but none offer the same personal touch.

    R. Moulding & Co. (Salisbury) Ltd, Bristol

  • Just a quick note to give credit when due! Katie is always a pleasure to deal with fantastic communication skills and attention to detail. Katie has a good understanding of the type of work we do and the tradesmen we are looking for, in both skills set and work ethic. I have no hesitation in recommending Katie to other contractors or colleagues. Roll on the next project so we can continue this good working relationship. Keep up the good work!

    Stonewood Builders, Bristol

  • I have worked with Andy for approx 15 years. His reliability in supplying the temporary staff we need is second to none. Many people tell you what you want to hear, but Andy always keeps you informed with the truth, I have always been able to contact Andy on his mobile for last minute requests. Other suppliers promise this but rarely pick up the phone out of hours.

    H.E. Services (Plant Hire) Ltd, Birmingham

  • We built up an understanding of mutual trust but also one of professional integrity. It is hugely important that my colleagues and I receive reliable and efficient service and Jack, time after time has delivered this and has exceeded my expectations. I’m confident that Thorn Baker provide a service which we can rely upon.

    Speller Metcalfe, Bristol

  • Katie is a very client focused individual who is determined to supply the correct calibre operative. This will include regular contact from her to myself and the operatives to ensure that we have the right person to use efficiently and to overall control the costs. The difference between Katie and other Labour suppliers is that she is still actively involved throughout when labour is supplied-not just at the point of request/supply - this is the failure of other agencies.

    Crest Nicholson (South West) Ltd,



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    Andrew Jordan, Business Manager - Birmingham

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    Andy Marr, Key Account Manager

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    Jack Parfitt, Managing Consultant - Bristol

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    Jason MacCuish, Fit-out Recruitment Consultant

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    Katie Smith , Housing & Residential Recruitment Consultant - South West

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    Michael Wright, Fit-out & Heritage Principal Consultant

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    Michelle Smith, Business Manager Professional - Leeds

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    Paul Stirk, Build Principal Consultant - North

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    Richard O'Reilly, Build Recruitment Consultant - South West

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    Ryan Burns, Principal Consultant - West Midlands

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    Simon Jones, Business Manager - Leeds

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    Simon Mitchell, Civil Engineering & Demolition Recruitment Consultant - South West

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    Rob Ford, Construction and Group Director

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    Sid Choudhury, White Collar Fit-out Recruitment Consultant

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    Alex McAndrew, Labour Manager - South West

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    Adam Turner, Build Recruitment Consultant - South Yorkshire

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    Reece Thompson, Managing Consultant - Leeds

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    Rhian Newman, Business Manager Offsite & Professional - Bristol

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    Demi Harman, Business Manager - Nottingham

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    Tamara Fitton, Resourcer - Professional

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    Lucy Patterson, Recruitment Consultant - Sales

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    Mathew Blood, Recruitment Consultant - Build East Midlands